1×17: The Huntress Returns Preview

It’s been three weeks since the last episode of Arrow, and episode 17 is a very good return point. As we previously saw, Tommy discovered the identity of ‘Arrow’ to be none other than Oliver. We also saw Oliver and Slade find a missile launcher on the island.

This week’s episode sees the return of Helena Bertinelli, aka The Huntress (played by Jessica De Gouw). What you will see is that she’s still looking for revenge on her father. As you may remember, her father got arrested by SCPD, but you will now see a possible twist in the arrest, one that has angered Helena. Helena will come back into Oliver’s life and he doesn’t like it.

Not only does Oliver have to deal with Helena, he also has to talk to Tommy. Obviously, Tommy is upset, even confused about Oliver being the vigilante, and Oliver has to discuss this with him, because if he doesn’t, he’s afraid that Tommy will turn him in. Tommy’s keeping of Oliver’s secret causes problems between him and Laurel.

There is a very good storyline developing in the Lance family. With Dinah returning in the last episode with her theory about Sarah still being alive, we see in this episode how Detective Lance handles this.

Colton Haynes returns in this episode as Roy Harper, and begins to connect a little more with Thea. She offers him a job, but the episode’s storyline of him gets a little bit complicated.

There’s few flashback scenes, but there is some progression for Oliver and Slade. As we saw last time, Fyres has a set of missile launchers, and it’s this week that they come up with a plan on how to stop him. Obviously they still want to get off the island, and Oliver is looking for ways to kill both birds with one stone.

Steve Aoki guest stars as himself, in an all new episode of Arrow. Watch it on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD on Monday 25th March at 8pm.


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