1×17: The Huntress Returns Review

The Huntress returned (hence the title) in an episode that was a good follow-up after a 3 week break.

As much as I totally and utterly hated what the Huntress is, and stands for, I thought that the writers wrote a very good storyline for her. The fact that she was back in the episode seemed like an interesting thought, and I was looking forward to her return.

She was changed around from what I remember her as. Originally, she was looking to take out her father, and would take out anyone who was attempting to protect him. Now, it seems that after 4 months of thinking and plotting revenge against Oliver (for saving her father), she is now a ruthless killer, taking out anyone and everyone that even comes near her (imaginary) path. This included Tommy and McKenna.

As seen in the comic image preview, she was incredibly forceful with Tommy, breaking his arm. Then, when Oliver tried to put an arrow in Helena, she shot McKenna with a shotgun. My previous thought of being happy she’s back went suddenly out the window.

Despite Tommy’s arm misfortunes, he still managed to find time to talk to Oliver about his friend being the vigilante. Tommy came around to the fact that it’s hard on Oliver being the vigilante, because he has to lie to all the people he loves. I’m glad the writers put this in now, as to create less tension between them. Now they have that out of the way, maybe Tommy will join the so-called ‘scooby gang’?

Meanwhile, a big story is brewing in the Lance family. Can Sarah really be alive? Detective Lance’s reactions in this episode were very good. He was angry and upset when he first discovered Dinah (Alex Kingston) had returned. However, he eventually came around to the idea that Sarah could, in his wildest dreams, be alive, and decided to listen to Dinah’s claims. Safe to say, this should be a good storyline.

There was a very interesting development in the Thea/Roy story. Thea’s concern for Roy was obvious from the start. She was very kind to him, getting him a job at Oliver’s club. When he didn’t show and she went looking for him, Roy saved Thea from getting mugged, being stabbed in the process. When he was getting an injection, to take his mind off the needle, Thea kissed him. Even with Roy being the lowlife that he sees himself as, I can definitely see the two of them getting together (remember, Colton Haynes has been given a series regular role for series 2).

The island scenes are always fun, and usually quite crucial. This week, Oliver and Slade decided to try and destroy the missile launcher that Fyres has. Instead of blowing it up, Oliver’s genius plan to steal the circuit board took effect. I thought the scene where Oliver gave the demands to Fyres was the best scene in the episode. I think it was that moment that Oliver started to become the kind of person he is in the present day – using leverage first.

Overall I’d rate this episode 7/10. It was a step down from ‘Dead to Rights’, but I think that it worked quite well. Had there been two really important, super-dramatic, action packed episodes consecutively, it wouldn’t have worked as well.

Some of my final thoughts:

  • There was not enough Felicity in this episode. She appeared three times, a combined total of about 45 seconds on-screen.
  • “Your psycho ex-girlfriend” Awesome quote.
  • Disappointed that McKenna will no longer be in Arrow, but in terms of the character relationship with Oliver, it’s probably a good thing. Two episodes running she had her gun pointed at her (ex) boyfriend’s other identity.
  • Really Helena? How the hell did you catch that arrow like that?
  • I am very interested to see how Oliver goes about things now. Having lost his girlfriend to his ex-girlfriend (see above quote from Diggle), I think he might be a little less remorseful the new few episodes.

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