1×18: Salvation Preview

In the aftermath of last week’s episode, Oliver seems as focused as ever to take down someone who is attempting his own form of justice in Starling City.

Oliver has to deal with someone who names himself ‘The Savior’ (played by Christopher Redman), who feels that he needs to clean up the Glades by killing anyone that he feels has wronged the Glades. He compares himself to Arrow, despite the two being very different.

There is some more things going on between Thea and Roy. After their kiss last week, the two are together more, despite Thea’s obvious disappointment in his criminal lifestyle. As seen in the promotional images, Roy becomes one of The Savior’s targets, and Thea goes to her brother to try to save him.

Over in the Lance family, Dinah continues to believe that Sarah is alive, and Quentin begins to believe it too, and he is now helping her. Laurel doesn’t agree with this at first, and she’s quite indecisive as to whether to get involved with this, because she is very sceptical that her sister is alive, and doesn’t want to have to go through all the emotional pain again.

Malcolm Merlyn returns in this episode, and he is still looking for the person who betrayed him. He believes he is coming closer to finding the traitor, and we do see the Dark Archer suit once again.

On the island, Fyres agrees to the trade that Oliver presented to him last week. But there is a complication, one that compromises both Oliver and Slade’s principles.

Don’t miss ‘Salvation’, Monday at 8pm on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD.


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