1×20: Home Invasion Review

Oliver Queen returned in a nail-biting episode full of action, shocks and romance.

Oliver’s target this week was from Diggle’s list, not his. As Diggle’s hunt for the elusive assassin Deadshot continued to fruit in this episode, as he was able to gain information about a trap that had been set by ARGUS.

The pair was perfectly set up to take him out, but a complication arose when two of Laurel’s clients lost their lives, with their son barely escaping. Oliver’s decision to help both at the same time was sure to end in disaster.

Diggle was left stranded at the set-up, with Oliver threatening the criminal businessman. Diggle’s brilliant observation skills helped him save the life of Lyla, as Deadshot was there, but not to meet with a potential client. He figured out that it was a set-up, and attempted to kill the agents.

Diggle’s attempt to take down Deadshot on his own was pathetic at best. He put up a good fight, but “Do you really think a man who goes by the name Deadshot would go down without a fight?” Inevitably, Diggle lost, yet survived a bullet from Deadshot. “I’d pull this trigger right now, but there’s nobody paying me.”

Oliver’s decision to take down the businessman over helping Diggle did not go down well, and as Diggle quite rightly pointed out, “You chose Laurel. Always her. Everybody else be damned.” Oliver’s continued preference of Laurel proved to us something we’ve suspected for a long time. That he still loves her.

As Tommy continued to keep Oliver’s secret, he was unable to keep away from his (supposed) best friend. Tommy was able to deduce the fact that Oliver still loves her, and in light of this, decided to break up with Laurel. Tommy’s decision leaves the door open for Oliver, but will he take the opportunity?

Roy continues to cause mischief, stealing one of Detective Lance’s radios in an attempt to make contact with the Vigilante. It didn’t end well, with Roy being arrested. Lance’s visual representation of what the Vigilante does was gruesome for Thea and Roy. However, it wasn’t enough to stop Roy from wanting to find him. With Thea joining his quest to find Arrow, how will she react if she does find out that the Vigilante is in fact her brother?

On the island, Shado’s attempt to teach Oliver to use a bow and arrow didn’t go too well. “Probably hit A tree.” was the reaction from Oliver after firing his first arrow. Shado attempted to show-off, taking out two branches with two arrows.

But it wasn’t Oliver’s failed skills as a marksman that was the interesting part. Oliver and Shado’s short-lived kiss was something that I’ve expected since Shado joined the pair of Oliver and Slade. However, the kiss proved to Oliver the same thing that Tommy deduced in the present day, that even after having taken her sister on a boat trip, he still loves Laurel.

Yao Fei was a happy sight back in the plane wreckage. That is until the three realise that he has brought Fyres’ men with him. His words “Your time on this island is at an end.” left us all on a huge cliffhanger.

Some quotes from the episode (find more here):

Felicity: “Kinda makes me a cyber-terrorist, which is bad because I don’t see myself fitting in at Guantanamo Bay.” Oliver: “Don’t worry Felicity, they don’t send blondes there.” Felicity: “I dye it actually. I keep your secret.”

Tommy: “I spend most nights at your daughter’s anyways. There is probably a better time to tell you that.” Lance: “Probably not.”

Oliver: “Do you want Lawton arrested?” Diggle: “No.” Oliver: “Then tomorrow night we cross Floyd Lawton off your list.”

Tommy: “Everytime I close my eyes I see her. Every time I go to bed I see her in my dreams.” Taylor: “Really?” Tommy: “Yeah. Try it, close your eyes.” Taylor: “I see them.” Tommy: “Whenever you are sad, or scared, just remember that they will always be there.”

Felicity: “So you’re sniping a sniper. Kind of ironic don’t you think? (Blank stare from Oliver) Me neither.”

Mr. Blank: “What happened to you on that island?” Oliver: “You’re about to find out.”

Tommy: “You still love her, don’t you?” Oliver: “It doesn’t matter how I feel, because of what I do, I could never be with her. So you don’t have anything to be afraid of, she is never, ever going to know my secret.” Tommy: “It doesn’t matter if she knows. I know. And I don’t know how to be with Laurel knowing the entire time if she found out who you really are, she would choose you.”

Laurel: “If you’ve changed, and I know that you’ve changed, then you wouldn’t.. You would never do this.”

Some final thoughts from me:

  • Whoever the stunt coordinator is, he needs a massive pay rise. Ditto to the music composer. The Oliver v Mr. Blank fight had some brilliant action, and awesome music.
  • Tommy’s breal-up with Laurel may mean that, like Oliver, he is distancing himself. Will he become the Dark Archer?
  • Oliver’s only killed 26 people? Considering that was the 20th episode, I think he’s done well NOT to kill more people.
  • What exactly was the point of Moira in this episode? She had a two scene cameo, lasting a total of about 2 minutes.
  • The Queen house having more security than the president? Yeah right Tommy. Lucky that Lance believed you.

Overall I’d give this episode a 10/10. There was some brilliant scenes, and not just in the action sense. The scene where Tommy told Taylor about seeing his parents again, and then Tommy’s breakup with Laurel were highly emotional. Brilliant acting by everyone again, and Colin Donnell in particular.

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