1×21: The Undertaking Preview

This week, Oliver attempts to patch up broken friendships, and as we see flashbacks to before the island, we learn more about Oliver, Laurel, and the Undertaking.

In the aftermath of the disagreement between Oliver and Diggle, the pair continue to go their own ways. While Diggle sits on his hands, waiting for his counter-part to patch up the partnership, Oliver re-focuses on the list.

As we see his quest to take out the people on the list continue, him and Felicity make a shocking discovery, one that gives Felicity serious hope. Meanwhile, Oliver makes a shocking discovery of his own.

Following Tommy and Laurel’s breakup, Oliver gives his former girlfriend some advice for fixing the relationship between her and Tommy. As Laurel attempts to talk to him, he tells her a shocking truth about Oliver.

This episode is rather different to previous episodes, as there is no flashbacks to the island. We do however, get multiple flashbacks to the days before Oliver and his father took a trip on the Queen’s Gambit.

The flashbacks entail a great amount of back story, and explains a lot of why the characters in the present day do what they do. We see Oliver and Laurel’s relationship, history about Malcolm and Robert (Queen), and what the Undertaking actually is.

In the build-up to the finale, all is revealed in Monday night’s episode (which features 3 great action sequences), catch it Monday at 8pm on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD.


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