1×22: Darkness on the Edge of Town Preview

In the penultimate episode of season 1, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle race to try and uncover the full truth about the Undertaking while there are revelations a plenty on the island.

Oliver is faced having to confront truths about his mother and his father, his best friend’s father and Laurel while giving his all to save the city. Diggle is back, along with Felicity and the three are working together better than ever.

Laurel is struggling to work things out after what Oliver told her last episode. There is a nice scene between her and Detective Lance while she tries to come to a solution.

Thea and Roy are continuing their search for the vigilante. There’s things uncovered about Roy’s past and just why he wants to find the Hood. Roy and Oliver also meet for the first time!

Moira and Walter are doing their best to get back to normal after his kidnapping, but it appears that Walter may be more affected by the experience than first thought.

Malcolm Merlyn is back once more with his plan nearing its end, he does feature in another excellent fight scene. Perhaps one of the most brutal there’s been.

On the island, Oliver, Shado and Slade have been captured as the truth about Fyers’ plan is revealed, with some shocking consequences.

Don’t miss ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’, Monday at 8pm on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD. Things really spark into life with this penultimate episode!


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