Bex Taylor-Klaus joins Arrow Season 2.

The latest casting in Arrow’s second season was announced with the Killing’s Bex Taylor-Klaus signing on…

Yesterday, it spread across Twitter that Bex Taylor-Klaus, “Bullet” from The Killing, would be guest starring on The CW’s Arrow… now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know who she will be playing.

Her character will be “Sin,” the Gail Simone creation who first appeared in Birds Of Prey #92 back in 1999. Obviously, this version of the character is older than her comic book counterpart.

Bex Taylor-Klaus will appear in the third and fourth episodes of the new season, and we know so far that her scenes also involve Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper. THR also says she is a “a wayward youth who is befriended by the Black Canary” which could mean some interaction with Caity Lotz as well.

Source: GreenArrowTV


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