Homeland nemesis to battle Arrow

For those of you that are watchers of Homeland, you’ll be familiar with Abu Nazir – the mastermind enemy of the show. It seems that Nazir is set to pop up on Arrow in the not so distant future though…

The fifth episode of Arrow’s second season is called “League Of Assassins” (don’t believe other reports), and if that possible Ra’s al Ghul tie wasn’t enough, now we’ll have a villain from Homeland to deal with.

Navid Negahban, who played Abu Nazir on the Showtime series, will be playing “Al-Owal,” in news that was revealed by E! Online today.

Al-Owal is proficient with a scimitar and he’ll be coming after someone “very close to Oliver.” His name in Arabic means “The First,” and he’s likely one of the League of Assassins, a group that also included Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) on their roster.

This should be good…

Source: GreenArrowTV


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