Spoilers from TVLine 4/9/13


American site TVLine has shared some spoilers on season 2 of Arrow.

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Oliver & Co. managed to thwart part of Malcolm Merlyn’s “Undertaking,” but Tommy tragically lost his life during the disaster, while his father (seemingly) died at Arrow’s hand.

COMING UP NEXT | Having had enough of the “vigilante” label, Oliver decides “he needs to be a symbol of hope for people — and part of that means adopting the moniker of Arrow,” says showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. On the crimefighting front, Ollie will have his hands full with a DC-rich rogues gallery, while in salvaging the tainted Queen Consolidated, he’ll find a nemesis in Isabel Rochev (Firefly’s Summer Glau). “Their scenes have a lot of fun banter,” raves Kreisberg, mum on whether they’ll partner in, ahem, other ways. Elsewhere: Felicity continues to be adorkably “uncomfortable in dicey situations”, Roy scores a game-changing face-to-hood with Oliver’s alter ego and someone else’s debut as Black Canary actually marks “one step in a larger journey” for Laurel.

Not only will the infamous Suicide Squad make itself known with the Episode 2 introduction of Bronze Tiger (Spawn’s Michael Jai White), but boss lady Amanda Waller herself will surface in the Diggle-centric Episode 6, “Keep Your Enemies Closer.” Kreisberg says of the yet-to-be-cast character, who has previously been brought to life by the likes of Angela Bassett, CCH Pounder and Pam Grier, “We’re excited to introduce yet another version that will hopefully stand up to the previous ones.“

Source: TVLine (N.B. This also included spoilers for MULTIPLE other shows. Read at your own risk.)

Exciting stuff, right? Arrow returns on Sky 1 on Monday 21st October.


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