2×01/2×02: City of Heroes/Identity Teasers

The second season of Arrow commences with an impressive double header on Monday 21 October, to whet your appetite here are a full 20 teasers – 10 from each episode.


1.”…the hood couldn’t stop it, so don’t ask me to put it on again. Ever.”

2. “We’re not alone on this island.”

3. “You have failed this city Mr Mayor.”

4. “If we want real justice, then that family has to pay for the suffering it’s caused us. In full.”

5. “Though keep in mind I do control your paycheck and your sex life.”

6. “Since your majored in dropping out of college let me put this in terms you’ll understand.”

7. “When I put on the hood it’s kill or be killed.”

8. “I kept that. I like watching you do that.”

9. “I’m trying another way.”

10. “I don’t wanna be called the hood anymore.”


1. There is a brand new ‘My name is Oliver Queen…’ montage at the start of the episode!

2. “I used to feel the same way as you, he has this way of seducing you, making you feel he’s some kind of guardian angel.”

3. “You’re afraid that anger is gonna burn you up inside.”

4. “I’ve seen men in war with that look in their eyes.”

5. “You’re not actually offering to get me a cup of coffee are you?”

6. “Everyone has a demon inside of them.”

7. “I don’t think you wear that hood because you’re a hero, I think you wear it to hide that you’re a coward.”

8. “That hurt, but it won’t stop me.”

9. “You know we’re getting dangerously close to hug territory.”

10. “You can be my eyes and ears in the Glades.”

Arrow is back on our screens on Monday 21 October at 8PM, don’t miss a brilliant double bill from our favourite Emerald Archer!


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