2×03: Broken Dolls Preview

In episode 3 the action picks up with the Arrow surrounded by gun wielding police while ‘The Dollmaker’, Barton Mathis, has escaped from Iron Heights prison during the earthquake and is engaging in a quite creepy killing spree.

First things first, how will Oliver wriggle his way out of the cliffhanger we saw at the end of episode 2? In typical Arrow style, it’s not quite the way you’d have seen coming.

Ollie spends more time in Arrow action this week, after the first two episodes saw him getting used to being Oliver Queen, this episode he spends more time as his alter-ego uniting with Lance for the first real time this season.

Quentin’s story is terrific this week, Paul Blackthorne is very good in his performance as the demoted Detective, with him having to tackle the threat of someone he arrested years ago in Mathis. The interesting thing about the story is Mathis is Lance’s foe rather than Arrow’s. Lance is forced to face realisations from his past and continues to develop his relationship with the vigilante as he gravitates further to the new strategy Oliver is carrying out. But he risks his role in the police once more as he tries to play Detective despite being warned not to by his superiors.

Michael Eklund is chilling in the role of this week’s villain, Barton Mathis, in his limited screen time he presents a truly creepy serial killer as he starts to turn girls into dolls. The personal connection between Lance and Mathis sparks a very interesting end to the episode. Can he be stopped?

Roy encounters the vigilante once more as he requests information on the Black Canary (seen at the end of 2×01). He throws himself into the task, potentially risking the wrath of Thea in the process, before he reaches the end of his trail towards the end of the episode.

Diggle and Felicity take back seats a bit this week, both help Oliver in his quest to trackdown Mathis whilst Felicity gets involved in the action this week, proving rather brave!

Laurel’s opposition to the vigilante continues but words from her father and another encounter with Arrow may lead to a wake-up call for Ms Lance.

Moira is set for her pre-trial hearing where she receives some potentially devastating news though it also appears she may still have some secrets left.

On the island, Oliver and Slade’s friendship shows the first signs of cracking as they argue over Shado and the dangers of ‘being attached’. But they’re interrupted as the flashbacks this week have an explosive finish…

Catch the brilliant third episode of Arrow’s second season on Monday 28th October, Sky 1 at 8pm.


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