2×04: Crucible Preview

The Glades are being flooded with guns courtesy of ‘The Mayor’ who is intercepting weapons shipments.

Oliver is determined to track down the Canary and work out whose side she’s on though after Felicity uses her Sherlock Holmes-esque methods of deduction – things become a little clearer. Elsewhere Ollie seeks to mend things with Sebastian Blood and show he is committed to helping the Glades, sponsoring about a ‘Guns for Cash’ scheme. Under the hood he continues to maintain his new approach of no killing, honouring Tommy’s memory.

So far Season 2 seems to have had interesting villains, this week is no different. Clé Bennett brings plenty of charisma to the slightly unhinged Mayor who is seeking to rule the city through guns.

As with last week, Diggle and Felicity are more in the background helping Oliver track down the Mayor – the Arrow team work predictably well together once more. Diggle meets up with Lyla (of ARGUS, 1×19, 1×20) who offers him information on the stolen guns with a little bit of a subtle flirt too.

Quentin doesn’t feature as heavily as last week, he has some scenes with Laurel which continue to twist their relationship on its head. Fearing for his daughter, he turns to an unlikely source for help. Laurel is still reeling from her realisation that Tommy’s death was her fault, turning to drink and slowly going off the rails. Will she listen to her father or Oliver?

Roy finds himself in a slightly tricky situation as Thea and Sin meet – will Sin reveal she knows Roy is in league with the Arrow? Or will she keep his secret? Initially she’s certainly not a fan of Thea’s!

Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) returns this episode, she doesn’t feature too heavily, but she’s clipping Oliver’s heels with her subtle insults once more!

And as for the Canary? Well, just wait and see what happens there.

On the island, or the boat, Oliver is alone in his cell unaware as to whether Slade or Shado are alive. He’s quizzed about ‘the graves’ and finds himself a victim of more physical pain before he faces quite a revelation towards the end of the episode.

Don’t miss episode 4 of Arrow, catch it on Monday 4 November, on Sky 1 at 8pm.


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