2×04: Crucible Teasers

Ten teasers for episode four, ‘Crucible’:

1. “Please do not ask me if I am OK because I am sick to death of people asking me that!”
2. “Do you have any happy stories?”
3. “Look, I know I’m skinny, but I can eat two of these, and I will.”
4. “That or they wish I’d never been born.”
5. “It seems you and I have gotten off on the wrong foor repeatedly.”
6. My first obligation is to Queen Consolidated.”
7. “You both need to work on your definition of good news.”
8. “I guess you can’t stop being a hero can you?”
9. “There is more than one way to save the city.”
10. “Your days of screaming are just beginning.”

Don’t miss Crucible, watch it Monday 4th October, Sky 1 at 8pm.


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