Crucible Review: Revelations


So, we finally know the identity of the Canary. No, it wasn’t Felicity as one tweeter suggested. It was in fact the dead much alive Sara Lance! This came as a shock to every viewer, well, those who avoided news from The CW’s Television Critics Association press day in July. Sara’s identity was revealed back then, but it was still a shocking moment.

While Oliver had originally told the Lances that Sara had perished in the shipwreck, he does admit to Diggle that he had seen her about a year afterwards (as confirmed through flashbacks). If Sara went through the same kind of things Oliver did, only to ‘die’ once again, perhaps Oliver’s lie was a good thing. Saving her family the truth of the devastation she went through was more humane, simply because it reached the same conclusion.

Sara’s reappearance, caused by news of the earthquake, resulted in her keeping watch over her family, who are yet to discover she is alive. As Oliver correctly suggested, she is currently a woman with no purpose. Watching her family, ensuring that they are safe, although noble and devoted, isn’t really a life plan.

Despite Oliver’s doubts as to her skillset, Sara shows she can hold her own in a real fight. Yet, she lacks the self-control that Oliver currently has. She seems like a female Oliver from season one. Under Oliver’s guidance, she could gain this control, and be a useful asset in his Arrow crew. Yet, I have suspicions that she won’t make it through next week’s episode (League of Assassins).

Despite her ambiguity, some of her conversations left small hints as to her past. She asked Oliver what happened to Slade, which means that first of all she knew him, but for that to happen, he must have survived the bombs from ‘Broken Dolls’. She also suggested that both she and Oliver died on the island. Since Oliver has only just seen that Sara is alive, on the boat, this almost certainly means that at some point in the near future, he returns to the island.

As Oliver dealt with his personal problems, there was a flood of guns being distributed in the Glades. The Mayor, aptly named for a man trying to control the city, was behind it. I loved Oliver’s query when he discovered The Mayor’s name. In all honesty, I had the same thought.

It amazes me that for someone who supposedly is in a position of power (which he believes guns show), he is incredibly stupid. At what point would it be a good idea to disable the tracker, when he has a gun which could be very effectively used to shoot it? Also, he murdered a man for his cousin’s failure when confronted with the Arrow, yet when Sara arrived, he backed away. I find it incredibly hypocritical for him to show fear of her, when clearly the Arrow is more threatening.

The double-team takedown of The Mayor was fantastic. I especially loved when the pair swapped weapons. Perhaps that could be something implemented in the future – Oliver has his bow, but also has a metal staff in his quiver. If he could fire arrows AND fight with the staff at the same time, that would be brilliant.

After an episode focused on him, Quentin was scarcely featured here. However, his appearances all involved Laurel. His scene with Oliver was nice, but the suspense where Oliver was tempted to tell him about Sara was completely unneccesary. I rarely criticize the show, but the moments of suspense were pointless. The show has enough suspense as it is – there is no need to add it to calm scenes such as that.

While Laurel had everything last season – a good job, a boyfriend; in an incredibly happy time of her life, this season she has nothing. Her life has been turned upside down and hit repeatedly with a brick. Like her father, she has tried to bury her problems away instead of facing up to them.

I’m really not enjoying her story. I liked her last season; this season she is just an irritant. Obviously, her connections to Oliver make her a crucial character, but the writers aren’t making her character very likeable. If she does discover that Sara is alive, and my theory of her death is correct, rock bottom will get a whole lot worse.

Seldom featured Roy continued to be a hero, saving Sin’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) life after she was shot by The Mayor. This has left her having to keep Roy’s secret agenda of helping the Arrow, which when considering the alternative isn’t such a bad sacrifice. However, there was time for her to call Roy ‘Abercrombie’. I have doubts as to whether she knows his actual name, or just assumes that it’s Abercrombie. Either way, it’s fun to watch.

Oliver’s role as CEO of Queen Consolidated doesn’t quite have the control that he thought it might. Competition from business partner Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), who, if she had a personality, might be a good character. Her refusal to allow funds from the company being diverted to the ‘cash for guns’ event showed no respect for the city in which she lives. Perhaps a visit from the Arrow might make her reconsider her motives.

Sebastian Blood is a very complex character. When he was cast, I assumed he’d be a villain. After ‘Identity’, I reconsidered this assumption. Now, we know that he is a villain. His double life of being a successful public figure to being a killer, reasonably similarly to Malcolm, is a fantastic way of deflecting potential suspicion. We have seen our first hint at this season’s big bad.

On the island boat, Oliver’s strength was tested. I was sceptical as to how shooting him would show strength – surely it’d be easier to have him lift weights? As the Russian man (Anatoli Knyazev, played by David Nykl) informed him, “living is not for the weak”. As we well know, he survived, but supposedly his “days of screaming are just beginning”. As far as villains go, The Captain (Jimmy Jean-Louis) is worse, or at least more violent, than Fyres.

Some other bits:

  • The shipwreck scene was re-shot to include Caity Lotz.
  • Was that Vertigo being injected at the end?
  • I thought Blood’s speech about a crucible was fantastic.
  • “Do you have any happy stories?” Felicity wasn’t as heavily featured, but she still manages to pull out the fantastic one-liners.
  • “Look, I know I’m skinny, but I can eat two of these, and I will.”
  • Brother Blood, as Sebastian Blood was called at the end of the episode (and yes, that was Officer Daily), was a villain in the DC comics universe.

This episode, like its four episode predecessors, was the best so far. Can it be improved next week? Check out the promo below:


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