The Scientist Review: Meeting Barry Allen

Once again, Arrow delivered a superb episode with twists and shocks of a high calibre. While the episode’s primary focus was to introduce Barry Allen to the Arrow world, there was a profusion of other things going on, making this a high-octane, incredible episode.

My first impression of Barry Allen? He’s the male Felicity. When we first met her, she was a geek, nervous, and babbled on without knowing when to stop. Barry’s first scene showed us all three qualities. In this regard, the two are perfect for each other (those who ‘ship’ Barry and Felicity, you must be very happy right now), hence Oliver’s jealousy. On that point, ironic how now that the tables are turned and it’s Felicity with another man, Oliver is beginning to feel the jealousy that she felt when Oliver was with Isabel in ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’.

We learnt a lot about Barry, in particular his reasoning for coming to Starling City. His original lie that he had been investigating a similar case in Central City was quickly unearthed, and he gave us the full truth. The idea that his mother had been murdered by a person in a blur, not his father, seemed trivial to those police officers when he was 11 years old (which, going by the look of Grant Gustin, wasn’t too long ago). Barry goes looking for these strange crimes in hope that he can one day solve his mother’s.

His other hope is to meet the vigilante, who he hopes believe can help him find his mother’s killer. Obviously, we see this meeting happen – although not in the most ideal circumstances. The circumstances reinforce the idea that Barry is the male Felicity, since this was similar to the way that she discovered Oliver’s identity. We are yet to see how he reacts to it, but it should definitely be interesting.

Meanwhile, Oliver had to deal with a man with super-strength who robbed his company’s Applied Sciences Division. Deja vu moments seem to be a recurring theme for Oliver; case in point here as he had already seen this kind of strength before. While the serum clearly worked on Cyrus here, Slade appeared to be less fortunate. However, it’s unlikely that he is dead, especially since the abilities the serum provides is very similar to the ones that Deathstroke has (you know, Slade’s alter-ego in the comics…)(read on for more on that).

Cyrus, working for Brother Blood, was impossible to stop. When they say super-strength, they don’t mess around. It’s no real surprise that Oliver couldn’t stop him, despite how strong he thinks himself to be. How he is going to stop Cyrus is a mystery to me, although the suggestion that using aluminium carbon composite arrows will help with penetration is likely to come into it.

Sin asks Roy to help her locate a friend of hers, Max, who has seemingly disappeared. While Roy had previously vowed to Thea (something which he has yet to uphold) that he wouldn’t fight crime any more, she not only encourages him to get involved her, but joins him too. This really showed how much their relationship has grown. She knows that although Roy is off the streets (or she thinks he is), she has no problem with him helping out a friend, even if it is one she barely knows.

His apartment consisted of two important things. First, the pictures of a skull type head on paper all around the room. The second being the leaflet for Sebastian Blood’s aptly named Blood Drive. As all the viewers will know, putting two and two together gets us to Brother Blood. Roy and his compadres didn’t do so, but I wonder how long it’ll be until he does. Of course, Roy won’t be investigating anything for a while. Not with the Arrow at least. It’s highly likely that he’ll hold a grudge against the Arrow for shooting him in the leg with an arrow. Although Oliver was trying to protect Roy, I don’t think that he’ll see it that way.

Malcolm, who we now know is alive, seems to be trying to put himself back in Moira’s life. This time, his aim is for Thea to learn the truth about him, and for her to enter his life. Moira had other plans. These included none other than Ra’s Al Ghul, who Malcolm is terrified of (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be?). While this threat may scare him off for a while, he’ll no doubt be back soon.

Speaking of Moira, she appears to have some history with Isabel Rochev. Quite what that is, we don’t know. However, there clearly is a history as she suggests that Oliver isn’t the best judge of character. Obviously, she has a problem with Isabel, one which we will discover in due course.

On the island, Slade was given the serum and appeared to die. Those who think he is dead are unlikely to be right. Firstly, Slade Wilson is Deathstroke, and the show wouldn’t kill the character off, especially considering they’ve just found a way to give him his powers. Also, Sara didn’t know what happened to Slade in ‘Crucible’, so he must have survived this moment for her to not know what happened to him. In short, Slade will be back.

Meanwhile, there was progression in the love triangle between Oliver, Shado and Slade. This is likely to be the thing that turns Slade and Oliver against each other. Oliver seems to have a way of getting into these love triangles, doesn’t he?

Odds and ends:

  • “You must take after your dad.” I don’t think Roy quite understood what he was saying…
  • The particle acceleratior is set to be turned on tomorrow (in the show, not real life). The earthquakes it causes could be a danger. Especially with all those chemicals about…
  • Moira’s party went well. Not.
  • “Why couldn’t you have been marooned on Aruba?” Felicity seems to have an unlimited supply of one-liners. And, why does she even need to ask where Oliver has seen this stuff before?

Next week is the midseason finale, which means that after it airs we have no new Arrow until the New Year. Here’s the promo for it:


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