2×10: Blast Radius Teasers

Here are ten teasers for Arrow’s return this Thursday.

  1. There’s a reference to a Snickers bar.
  2. “I’ve just never seen you spooked like this before.”
  3. “You’re the one she cared for.”
  4. Blood’s mayoral campaign gets underway with an appaling slogan.
  5. “Sometimes I feel like I don’t know the real Sebastian.”
  6. “[SPOILER] is the devil!”
  7. There’s some problems in the Arrowcave
  8. More on Blood’s backstory is revealed.
  9. “You do help. Every single day.”
  10. You’ll be tearing your hair out at the final scene.

And as a final, less than serious teaser…

Arrow returns this Thursday at 8pm on Sky 1.


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