2×12: Tremors Teasers

Here are 10 teasers for episode 12 ‘Tremors’

1. One of the opening scenes has the potential to cause minor nausea.
2. “Love’s the most powerful emotion and that makes it the most dangerous.”
3. “Tigers are not bronze.”
4. “Iron Heights is better at keeping secrets than they are at keeping prisoners.”
5. “First water slapping now this, when are you gonna run out of ways to make me look stupid?”
6. “That thing is out in the open because of you. I think you’ve done enough.”
7. “Some people are just broken and nobody can put them back together.”
8. “You both scoffed when I said we should invest in an x-ray machine for down here.”
9. Watch out for someone mysterious in Oliver’s club…
10. “We’re gonna take the freighter.”


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