Birds of Prey Review: Once you let the darkness inside…

The Huntress returns (returns…), trying to wreak revenge on her father (again), leading to Oliver trying to stop her (again).

But there were fresh ideas brought to the table and in some ways, it works. In others, it falters.

So, how was The Huntress this time around? She was exactly that the Huntress. “Once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out…” she declared to Laurel, that’s exactly what had happened to her. She was so swept up in seeking revenge against her father, she was just gone, that was all she was. Also, she wasn’t working alone this time – she had some armed friends, giving her more of a threat. Personally, I found her fairly okay as a villain. She certainly was a threat and had a few decent lines, that final scene was interesting though – between her and Oliver.

Oliver’s approach certainly showed us how far he’s come, since he and Helena met last season. It also hinted at potential redemption for The Huntress, which could pave the way for a potential Birds of Prey appearance/spin-off at some stage.

Aside from the main storyline of the Huntress and her quest for revenge, we had more Thea, this episode, all sparked by Oliver getting Roy to break up with Thea.

I get that he’s doing the big brother thing, he’s worried about her getting hurt but just a few episodes ago, 2×12 to be precise, we had Oliver getting Roy to think about Thea for his control. So if he’s worried about Roy losing control, why is he forcing the one thing away from him that keeps him steady? That can actually keep him from losing control? Furthermore in that episode, in the flashbacks, when Slade is holding a gun to his head, he gets him to think about Shado. It calms him down, it strikes a chord with him – so it works, doesn’t it? Using the people Slade and Roy loved, in order to help them control the mirakuru?

So, surely, Oliver’s logic in getting Roy to break up with Thea seems slightly flawed. Well, it certainly did when the trail of events led to Thea getting in a car with everyone’s favourite one-eyed Australian. Oops.

When Roy went to break up from Thea – right in the middle of the club floor. He clearly cares for Thea and it just seemed odd to do it right there, right then. Fair enough, he probably almost crushed a guy’s shoulder to dust but to go from that to immediately breaking up with her, it just seemed a little weird. It didn’t really work. Why wouldn’t he get her somewhere private? Like I said, he clearly cares for her, why is he going to risk getting her upset and breaking her heart in front of everyone?!

Thea’s world appears to steadily be falling to pieces. That scene with her and Oliver showed just how vulnerable she’s feeling right now, kudos to Willa Holland for that. I definitely noticed parallels between Thea and Tommy in that moment. I believe in season 1, Tommy was talking to Oliver about how he can trust him – coming after he discovered Laurel’s partnership with the Arrow. Thea was saying similar about how Oliver doesn’t lie to her, as an audience of course we’re thinking ‘oh, you have no idea’. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next for her now, there’s the secret about her true father hanging over her – which both Oliver and Moira know, she’s lost her boyfriend and just been kidnapped by Slade Wilson.

She’s had better days, that’s for sure!

Now, Lance. He had some good moments this episode, punching Donner for putting Laurel in danger, punching the captain of the SWAT team for lining up a shot at the Arrow and, a personal favourite, when he somehow, seemingly, still didn’t realise Oliver is the Arrow. Oliver’s phone starts ringing at precisely the same second he calls the Arrow? Oliver feels the need to show him who is calling, before walking off? In Blast Radius, Lance realised the Arrow was wearing a mask! Yet, didn’t seem to notice the rest of his face being a Mr Queen he’d know well. He knows Sara and Felicity have ties with him, he knows they also have ties with Oliver?

Come on Quentin, are you a detective or not?! Of course, he could already know. I sincerely hope he does. Or he may never get back that rank of detective, for he would not be worthy!

It also seems his daughter has similar skills of observation. She didn’t manage to grab any idea she was with Sara the whole time, that husky voice changer may have helped, but still!

Something that bothered me actually, was when Laurel and the Canary were hiding from the Huntress’ armed associates. They get behind a desk and what happens? Laurel immediately reaches for conveniently placed alcohol. Firstly I felt she seemed back on track far too fast. For all they’ve made her go through, to have her back on her feet so promptly – to a degree – almost betrayed the story that went before. I felt, why have we sat through Laurel going through all that to have her seemingly okay again almost immediately? And then she reaches for the alcohol? It just felt such a forced scene, paving the way for a pretty cringeworthy conversation between Laurel and the Canary about sisters, so, about each other. It just didn’t work for me.

On the island, the first few flashbacks promised more than they delivered. Slade is fulfilling his promise to Oliver, his suffering is beginning. We had the Amazo’s new captain getting his crew to beat the bejesus out of Oliver, before also delivering a fair few electric shocks to him and finally, giving him Shado’s tattoo.

Slade was willing to make a trade with Sara, he wanted Hendrick – the charming fellow who tried to strangle Ms Lance – who could fix the ship, in exchange for Oliver. Now, would Slade really give them Oliver? It doesn’t really fit in with his ‘promise’ to make him suffer like he’s suffered.

Next up, we have ‘Deathstroke’, here’s the promo…


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