Interview with Susanna Thompson

Seeing Red concluded with the shocking twist of Slade Wilson putting a sword through Moira Queen, arguably his coldest act yet. Susanna Thompson gave an interview to the Hollywood Reporter on the twist and her Arrow experience.

When were you first informed that Moira would die?

At the end of January, actually. The writers have a wonderful trajectory of where they think they’re heading, and as Marc Guggenheim said to me, “We don’t take these types of storylines lightly.” They come in with the possibility and then they sit with it and sit with it and make sure it’s the right path. And I know it was hard for both of them [Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg]. It was Andrew who had the unfortunate job of chatting with me and telling me what was going to happen in the story. We all know that any one of us could be in the situation as characters on a TV show based on a comic book, but that doesn’t stop the initial impact of it.

What was that conversation with Andrew like?

I was told I needed to chat with him about another episode and then the information came out. They had to get me in the room, basically. I think everyone was awkward about not knowing how to do that because they care for me and I do believe that they did not want to say goodbye to me but this was the best trajectory for Oliver’s character. Andrew said, “This is hard to say…” and as he said that, I said at the same time he did – “You’re going to kill Moira.” Then it landed in the room and the two of us talked it through. I asked why. It wasn’t an emotional meeting — it wasn’t in terms of tears – but it was emotionally being felt inside of me and in Andrew. Then you go away and you start processing it. There were a couple of days where it stung, but they gave me a beautiful episode to dig into and work hard with Willa and Stephen and little bits of Paul Blackthorne and say my goodbyes.

To read more, visit the Hollywood Reporter.


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