2×22: Streets of Fire Preview

There’s a definite ‘calm before the storm’ vibe from this episode, Starling City is being plunged into chaos by Slade Wilson and the consequences seem to grow more and more severe with each passing minute.

Will STAR Labs get the Mirakuru cure ready in time? Can Diggle escape from Isabel? Will Oliver and Laurel get out from the underground and get saving the city? Will Lance and the police force survive the Mirakuru soldier unleashing on them? Will anyone save Thea from the Mirakuru soldier in the train station?

All questions will be answered and things will get worse, familiar faces will return and it is not to be missed.

On the island, Oliver and Anatoli are in search of Sara and looking to take down Slade on the Amazo.

Do not miss Arrow’s penultimate episode ‘Streets of Fire’ airing on Thursday 15 May at 8PM!!!


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