Andrew Kreisberg on the Arrow finale

One of Arrow’s Executive Producers, Andrew Kreisberg spoke to GreenArrowTV on what’s to come in the finale and there’s some good stuff – take a look:

GREENARROWTV’s CRAIG BYRNE: You mentioned on Twitter that the theme of the season finale is “embracing your destiny.” Can you talk about that, and does that phrase refer to more than just Oliver?

ANDREW KREISBERG: It refers to just about everybody in the show. Everyone is really faced with a choice about who they’re going to be, and for Oliver, all season long, it’s been a question of “am I a hero or am I a killer?” For Thea, she’s certainly presented with two paths before her. “Am I Oliver’s sister, or am I Malcolm’s daughter?” Sara, “Am I the Black Canary, or am I one of Ra’s al Ghul’s minions?” Everyone is faced with this choice in this giant, epic battle, and while the show is probably as big as anything we’ve ever done in terms of scale, in terms of action, and in terms of visual effects, it also has these small little moments that are just pure emotion of the people that hopefully the audience have come to really care about over the course of these past two seasons, as they make these fateful decisions about which way their lives are going to go.

What’s happening for Felicity in the finale, and can you also say what’s happening with Laurel?

Felicity is front and center in the battle to take down Slade. I think she really proves in this episode why the audience loves her so much. She does one of the most brave things she’s ever done in the course of the series, and certainly one of the bravest things we’ve ever seen anybody do in the course of the series. There are a couple of “big Olicity moments” that I think fans are really going to appreciate.

At the same time, Laurel has an emotional scene in here that I think – for the people who are fans of Laurel – they’re going to get their money’s worth in this finale. It really is a finale of people embracing their destiny, and really making big and conscious choices of who they want to be, and what they’re willing to do for Oliver, and what they’re willing to do to save the city. It’s really exciting to have gotten to this point in the series, because so many of the things we’re doing in this last episode are things that we talked about doing back when we had the pilot. Greg, Marc, and I, and Geoff Johns, had conversations about “hey, wouldn’t it be great if one day we did this?” And we’re finally at “one day,” and this stuff is finally happening.

It’s not to say that we haven’t had an amazing time along the way; it’s just success has really allowed us to get to these totally fun places with these characters, and we’re just so thrilled that the audience has responded.

To read the rest of the interview, visit GreenArrowTV for the good stuff!

Don’t miss ‘Unthinkable’ airing on Thursday at 8PM on Sky1 and Sky1HD. What are you most looking forward to in the finale? What do you hope to see?


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