2×23: Unthinkable Teasers

Here are 10 teasers for the season finale, ‘Unthinkable’ which airs on Thursday on Sky1 and Sky1HD at 8PM.

1. “This ends tonight, without killing. There’s been enough death already.”

2. “I know you’re scared, you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t.”

3. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep the ones that I love safe, and I hope you’re ready to do the same.”

4. “You must have quite a bit of faith in this cure if you’ve come alone.”

5. “Don’t listen to him! All his words are lies!”

6. “I love you.”

7. “You are done when I say you’re done!”

8. “The Mirakuru isn’t what made me hate you!”

9. “I’m alive today because of you.”

10. “I keep my promises!”


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