Your thoughts on our [SPOILER] policy

Arrow premieres in the United States tonight (Wednesday 8th October), and in three weeks time on Thursday 30th October on Sky1. Obviously, this is a three week gap between the US and UK airing. During this gap, lots of spoilers for upcoming episodes will be released. In fact, I fully expect that by the time we see the season premiere, we’ll have already recieved press releases for the first six episodes.

Now, our question to you, the fans, is how do you want us to release the spoilers (press releases, promotional photos etc) to you?

Note: Promos and sneak peeks do not apply here – they will not be posted until the previous episode has aired.

We have a poll with three different options:
a) Post spoilers as soon as they are released – as soon as we get the spoilers, we post them.
b) Post spoilers with a timeshift – for example, if the 3×05 press release is released on the same day as the US airing of 3×02, we post it on the same day as the UK airing of 3×02.
c) Post at our discretion – we look at the spoilers and decide on when they should be posted

You can choose one option. We’ll leave this poll open for a few days – until which we will continue to post spoilers when we get them.


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