3×01: The Calm Episode Preview and Teasers

On Thursday 30th October, Arrow returns to Sky 1 for its third season. Its season premiere, ‘The Calm’, doesn’t quite take after the latter episodes of season two, and on the whole, the episode isn’t as strong as one might hope.

That isn’t to say that it’s a terrible episode, but I’d consider it to be the weakest season opener of the three we’ve had so far (that’s the Pilot and ‘City of Heroes’). ‘The Calm’ suffers from one thing – it tries to include far too much for the balance it has. To set the scene, we return five months after Slade’s attack on Starling City, and all of our characters have come a long way.

What I mean when referring to the balance of the episode is that a lot of it focuses on Oliver and Felicity. Oliver asks Felicity out on a date, and much of the episode consists of the date as well as the tension before and after. That would work fine, except the episode also attempts to include every single major character. What this leads to is very few moments that revolve around other characters – to give you an example, Roy barely speaks in the episode.

Because of this, the episode feels underdeveloped. ‘The Calm’ has good intentions, but it doesn’t quite deliver. I will forgive it a little though, since it is a season premiere and I understand what they’re trying to do and why. It’s far from a bad episode, but it didn’t leave me desperately wanting to watch it over and over.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “You have failed this city!”
2. “I’m not exactly a catch at the moment.”
3. “Our course of action is straight as an arrow.”
4. “We’re close enough.”
5. “I have a surprise for you.”
6; “Could I ask you guys just to wait one moment?”
7. “It’s not the right time.”
8. “I’m terrified.”
9. “We’re going to have to try this another way, then.”
10. “That’s like Christmas for crime bosses.”

The pre-released episode content:

Press Release | Promotional Photos | Comic-Con First Look | Short Sneak Peek | Sneak Peek 1 | Sneak Peek 2 | Sneak Peek 3 | Comic Cover

Make sure to tune in and watch ‘The Calm’ on Thursday 30th October on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for our review, podcast and the promo for next week’s episode!


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