The Flash 1×08: Flash vs. Arrow Preview and Teasers

Tuesday sees The Flash’s half of the crossover between it and Arrow, and it’s a seriously good episode. It doesn’t deviate too far from the overarching story in Central City, but the focus on it isn’t so much that the fans of Arrow only can tune in and get a good grasp of what’s happening. Conversely, if you’re a fan of The Flash, there are some nice developments in the story (and a great closing teaser).

For Barry and co., the latest metahuman is Ray Bivolo, and his power is an interesting one – he can temporarily alter people’s state of mind. Bivolo isn’t the best metahuman on the show to date, but his story does lead to some other events in the episode that are fantastic to watch.

As for how Team Arrow fits into the episode, they come to Central City looking to enlist Cisco and Caitlin’s help to track down the owner of the boomerang that we saw at the end of ‘Draw Back Your Bow’. In actuality, very little attention is given to this, and Team Arrow is instead utilised in other situations.

I won’t say much more than that, but this is a really good episode. Whether you’re an Arrow fan, Flash fan or a fan of both, there’s enough within the episode that you’ll thoroughly enjoy this.

A few teaser quotes:
1. “How do you know that wasn’t photoshopped?”
2. “No matter what I say, I’m getting the advice, right?”
3. “He’s on my three list.”
4. “Did you just say “whammied”?”
5. “You’re fast.”
6. Cisco makes a superb Star Wars reference.

Make sure to tune into The Flash, Tuesday 16th November at 8pm on Sky 1!


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