3×08: The Brave and the Bold Preview

The second part of the crossover between The Flash and Arrow airs on Thursday night, and while it isn’t as strong as The Flash’s episode, it is still a great episode.

As Team Arrow continue to investigate the murder of a man via boomerang (that we saw at the end of ‘Draw Back Your Bow’), they discover that he was former ARGUS. This provides a nice, natural way for Lyla to feature significantly in the episode. As Team Arrow did for Barry, Team Flash come to Starling City to help Oliver and co. with their investigation.

The partnership between Oliver and Barry isn’t smooth, however, as he and his team learn the harshness of the world Oliver lives in. The episode develops Team Flash a considerable amount, and it’s interesting to see how they are developed.

Elsewhere, the flashbacks provide some good story for probably the first time this season, as Oliver is ordered to stop an impending terrorist attack. It’s some nice progression for Oliver, as well as giving a little more insight into Waller and the lengths that she’ll go to in order to get what she wants.

Don’t miss ‘The Brave and the Bold’ on Sky 1 on Thursday 18th December at 8pm!


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