The Flash-Arrow crossovers review – A winning combination

The biggest compliment I can pay The Flash episode of the crossover is, as someone who hasn’t been watching the show, it made me want to watch the Flash. The biggest compliment I can pay the Arrow episode of the crossover is, it’s a hell of a lot stronger than those who have come before it.

Flash v Arrow – who wins?

From a personal point of view, I found the Arrow section of the crossover to be the stronger episode. I think this was because the Flash, understandably with the show in its infancy, had to develop its other storylines as well. Some of these stories just felt a little ‘straight to the point’ – of course, again, understandably as they had a lot to cram into the episode. Though it’s got to be said, the Flash managed it a hell of a lot better than Arrow did in some of its episodes this season. The Flash v Arrow fight scene was excellent and a very good watch, even if Oliver did look absolutely ridiculous at times as Barry ran rings around him – quite literally. Another reason the Flash episode was a little behind the Arrow one was the villain – Bivolo wasn’t really developed, barely featured and genuinely when I think back of the episode, it’s the Flash v Arrow aspect that stands out. I struggle to really remember the villain. Though all that being said, it was still a lot of fun and it was just nice to watch a decent episode in this universe, after the past few duds that Arrow had served up.

Onto the Arrow section of the crossover, finally, finally we got a decent episode of Arrow. The Magician had seemed a long time ago but this episode, it just felt a lot, lot better than what we’d had. Everything was paced well. The villain in Boomerang was great, the fight scenes we had with him were very good also – the bomb plot towards the end was a smidge predictable – but all in all he was excellent. We got a decent insight into Oliver’s past with the flashback scenes, the very, very questionable practices of ARGUS came to light and Dig got engaged! At this point, Dig deserves a special mention. He was superb across both episodes – especially the Flash portion, his bewilderment at Barry was hilarious. Then, towards the end, Oliver and Barry’s bromance took a strange turn with them deciding to fight each other – we may not have discovered who won that but undoubtedly, this crossover event was a real winner.


One of the biggest strengths of these episodes is the relationship between Oliver and Barry and how they interact. Amell and Gustin have a good chemistry between them and I liked them as a duo. Barry’s world is more of a fun one, he himself is inherently good, believes in what’s right and doesn’t like hurting people. In comparison, Oliver’s word is far darker, he’s willing to torture (which is something I hadn’t really picked up on him doing before this episode), he has the best intentions, he’s trying to protect people but he’s willing to cross into darker territory to get what he needs. There was also a nice line where Oliver attempts to justify what he does with seeing his mother killed in front of him, to which Barry replies the same thing happened to him. They have their differences, they have their similarities but they definitely worked well as a duo.

It was quite nice to see Oliver being questioned as well. Team Arrow are comfortable in the way Oliver does his stuff, Lance has called off the hunt for the Arrow, so it was interesting to see someone else come into that world and not be comfortable with the way Oliver conducts himself. I think more than that, it made us think as an audience as well – Oliver gets results but is he right in the way he gets them? What do you think? The only thing annoyed me was Oliver telling Barry guys like them don’t get the girl. Firstly, Ollie, you had the girl, you went on a date, she adores you and wanted to be with you and YOU said it couldn’t work. His reasoning makes sense, in some respects… But he had the girl. He’s also had Laurel and Helena and McKenna and Isabel and Sara and then Felicity… Aside from that though, nope, guys like you never get the girl, Oliver.

So, we got a very reassuring return to form for Arrow. Everything just seemed a hell of a lot better. It wasn’t a flawless episode though it was vastly, vastly better to those that had came before. And, as for the Flash episode… I’m off to catch up on Barry’s adventures. See ya!


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