3×12: Uprising Preview and Teasers

‘Left Behind’ and ‘Midnight City’ were the first two parts of what effectively served as an Arrow trilogy. This week’s episode, ‘Uprising’, forms the conclusion to the trio and it’s easily the best of the bunch.

The latest instalment is relatively Malcolm-centric, with it featuring flashbacks to the time of the death of Malcolm’s wife Rebecca. The scenes don’t really feature much information that we didn’t know already, but John Barrowman is allowed to present another side of Malcolm which is good to see. Also, Malcolm’s haircut back then is very amusing.

Team Arrow continue their attempts to stop Brick from ruling the Glades and are given an interesting offer from Malcolm to help them stop Brickwell. I won’t spoil the outcome of it, but It’s a nice sequence as the team discuss whether or not to trust Malcolm.

The battle against Brick culminates in an epic action sequence featuring hundreds of people. Though it doesn’t compare to some of the great fight scenes we’ve seen, it certainly feels like an Arrow action sequence, which is always good. It’s very entertaining to watch, and that gets it a vote of confidence from me.

Oliver’s recovery continues this week and it’s the strongest piece of this story from the trilogy. He endeavours to return to his city, despite not yet being in peak physical condition. He shares some enjoyable scenes with Tatsu, and though I believe that his recovery was a little rushed, ‘Uprising’ provides us a nice arc for Oliver.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “Has the jury reached a verdict?”
2. “That’s pretty dark.”
3. “Didn’t anybody tell you Halloween was 3 months ago?”
4. “I will always be here for you.”
5. “You did not fail this city.”

The pre-released episode content:

Press Release | Promotional Photos | Promo | Sneak Peek

Make sure to tune in and watch ‘Uprising’ on Thursday 26th Febuary at 8pm on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for our review, podcast covering the last three episodes and the promo for next week’s episode!


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