3×16: The Offer Preview and Teasers

This week’s Arrow is once again a relatively slow episode – or at least it seems it at first glance; a lot more happens than I first noticed – that focusses mainly on the offer that Ra’s presented to Oliver at the climax of last week’s episode.

Everything Oliver does in this episode is somehow related to his decision on the offer, whether it be things influencing him to stay in Starling City or take up the mantle as Ra’s al Ghul. Interestingly, he does spend a considerable amount of time contemplating his options – far more than you’d expect, given he’d be taking over a group of assassins (and Oliver is against killing nowadays). However, all of his story is intriguing to watch as he tries to work out reasons to pick one over the other.

As one may very well imagine, Nyssa isn’t too happy upon hearing the news of her father’s offer, and her reaction is about as you’d expect. She does find someone to talk to, however, and the scene she shares with that person sets things up very nicely for the future for both characters.

Paul Blackthorne is the highlight of this episode, for me, as Quentin continues to deal with the news of his daughter’s death. He has two particularly compelling scenes this week – one with The Arrow and one with Laurel. It’s emotionally intense and great to watch. His reactions in both scenes feel completely appropriate given what has happened, and I think everyone watching will thoroughly enjoy the scenes (and what they mean for the remainder of the season).

This week’s villain of the week is Michael Amar, aka Murmur, a man with his mouth sewn shut. Like him, I have little to say here because he barely constitutes as a character given how little he has to do. I have criticised Arrow for mis-using its villains a lot this season but Murmur really does get the worst treatment of season 3 this week. He adds virtually nothing to the episode and gets no development, which is disappointing. However, there’s enough content elsewhere to keep the story going.

Elsewhere, with Malcolm having returned, Thea has to deal with how she feels about her father still being alive. John Barrowman is his usual brilliant self but some of his actions this week are shocking (though completely in character), and really intriguing to watch. Also, the flashbacks this week aren’t that impressive, but they end on an interesting twist that I can’t even theorise what will happen.

Teaser quotes:
1. “I deserve every minute of it.”
2. “She’s pre-occupied.”
3. “You’re nothing like him.”
4. “When were you going to tell me, huh?”
5. “Is all of this supposed to impress me?”

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Make sure to tune in and watch ‘The Offer’ on Thursday 26th March at 8pm on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for our review, podcast and the promo for next week’s episode!


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