Slight changes in our coverage of forthcoming episodes

To all of our readers,

Season three has only five episodes left and this post is to inform you of a few changes we will be making in our coverage of those episodes. In order for us to deliver content such as our previews, reviews and podcasts, we at ArrowFansUK do watch episodes in advance of their broadcast in the UK. However, come the airing of 3×19 ‘Broken Arrow’, the broadcast on Sky 1 will be shown a mere 18 hours after its broadcast in the US.

There are both positives and negatives to this news. The good news is that there is less opportunity for you to be exposed to spoilers due to the short amount of time between the broadcast in the US and here. The bad news is that we will not have the time to record a podcast before the episodes’ broadcast (we will, in all likelihood, be able to get a short preview up still), and instead of our podcast going up shortly after the episode has aired, it will be posted on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

However, we have found a way to use this to our advantage. So, starting from the next episode (3×19 ‘Broken Arrow), you as fans of the show and readers of the site can help contribute to the podcast. Whether it’s just simply giving your opinion on the episode or if you want to suggest a discussion point for us to talk about. We would really appreciate your feedback.

Remember, you can send us any thoughts at any time via our Facebook page, Twitter or email. We will try to read some of these responses out on the podcast so that is perhaps an added incentive for you.

I hope that many of you will take this opportunity to help us improve the podcast by simply sharing your thoughts on the show we all love, and enjoy the final five episodes of the season.

Bradley Adams
Owner of ArrowFansUK


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