Season 3 Spoilers from TVLine (22/4/15)

TVLine have posted some spoilers for some upcoming episodes of Arrow, including a very intriguing one about Oliver and Felicity’s hookup in this Thursday’s ‘The Fallen’. Also, some more details about Roy are revealed as well as that mystery set from the finale.

Question: After seeing that promo for Arrow, you know what I have to ask: Oliver and Felicity! Holy hot buckets, was that sizzling or what? What can you tell me? I’m dying here. —Justlie

Ausiello: We did our darnedest to make showrunner Marc Guggenheim spill about that (seemingly) sexy sequence airing tonight, but he gave us a cold shower in return. “Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t really talk about that scene,” he deferred. “I mean, I’m excited for people to see it and see what we have up our sleeves, but I want people also to continue to speculate about, ‘Is it real? Is it a dream?’ Because on Arrow, nothing is ever straightforward, and nothing’s ever simple. What you saw in the trailer was certainly not the entire story.”

Question: Bummed Colton Haynes is leaving Arrow, but I’m happy he’ll be back for one more episode this season to wrap up his story. Any scoop on that? —Carrie

Ausiello: As Guggenheim points out, “Thea was too busy getting ‘killed’ by Ra’s to say goodbye to Roy. So we owed the audience some closure for this love story.” The pair’s farewell will take place in this season’s penultimate episode airing May 6. BONUS SPOILER: Remember that mystery set that was constructed for the finale? Guggenheim teases that it will play host to R’as, Nyssa and Oliver, and will likely not be seen again beyond the May 13 closer, because “it requires a fair amount of green screen work to make it work.”


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