3×20: The Fallen Preview and Teasers

Deals are made. Clothes come off. Emotion is in the air. Arrow picks up after the events of last week’s ending, where another member of the Queen family met the blade of Ra’s al Ghul.

The action tones down this week and the emotion takes a foothold, with Oliver reeling from Thea’s prognosis. FYI – it’s not good. It quickly pans out that there’s a chance to save her, to use the Lazarus Pits in Nanda Parbat in return for finally accepting the offer made by Ra’s – become Heir to the Demon.

With one of Oliver’s most recent battles saving his sister’s soul, quite obviously there’s no question he’d surrender his own to save her life and essentially we’re left building to his eventual turn to the League.

Of course, there are bumps along the way though… Not everything is straightforward.

The flashbacks are reasonably interesting as Team Flashback aim to stop General Shrieve from releasing the Alpha Omega virus. There’s some good action scenes there and the scenes prove to arguably be the most engaging they’ve been for quite some time.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “Take your rightful place as Heir to the Demon, and Ra’s al Ghul will bring your sister back.”
2. “Even if a magic hot tub were not crazy talk…”
3. “Welcome home, Al Sah-Him.”
4. “Believe me, we do not want to be taken alive!”
5. “Oliver Queen must be extinguished from memory.”

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Make sure to tune in and watch ‘Broken Arrow’ TONIGHT – Thursday 23rd April – at 8pm on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for our review and the promo for next week’s episode!


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