Watch 3×20: The Fallen in full – including that Olicity scene

It seems that on Thursday night, during the showing of ‘The Fallen’, the sex scene between Oliver and Felicity was cut short, and this left a lot of fans unhappy as to why this happened. Sky 1’s response was the same to all those who asked:

The scene in question breached guidelines for the timeslot. The episode will be available in full on demand.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. 1×20: Home Invasion had the Oliver vs. Mr Blank fight scene cut a little short, while the fight scene just prior to Roy learning Oliver’s identity in 2×12: Tremors was also cut short. The reasoning for these shorter scenes is understandable, given that Arrow does air before the 9pm watershed.

However, if you were upset that you couldn’t see that Olicity scene in full – now you can! The episode is available on demand until 7th May and you can view it either by clicking on the link below or going to the On Demand section of your Sky+ HD box.


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