Rutina Wesley to recur as Liza Warner [UPDATED]

Update 12th August: THR have confirmed the role that Wesley will be playing.

TheWrap is reporting that True Blood’s Rutina Wesley will be popping up in Starling City in this coming season.

Wesley has been cast as Liza Warner and will be appearing in multiple episodes of the season.

True Blood alum Rutina Wesley will play Liza Warner in a multi-episode arc, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. In comic book Lore, Liza Warner is a police officer known as Lady Cop. In an Arrow twist, she’ll be a member of an anti-vigilante task force.

Source: THR

She joins a large group of guest stars that will be appearing throughout the fourth season.

In recent weeks, it has been announced that Neal McDonough will join the cast as Damien Darkh, while other characters such as Anarky (Alexander Calvert), Mr. Terrific (Echo Kellum), Double Down (JR Bourne) and a new love interest for Thea, played by Parker Young, will be appearing in the present day, with Baron Blitzkrieg (Jimmy Akingbola) and Conklin (Ryan Robbins) will be appearing in the flashbacks.


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