4×03: Restoration Preview and Teasers

Restoration is more flawed than last week’s The Candidate was, with numerous missteps in logic, particularly in Nanda Parbat, yet there’s enough good material throughout the episode to save it from being a bad one. In fact, I rather enjoyed it.

There is a lot to like this week, and a lot of it comes from the story between Diggle and Oliver. Obviously, they’ve had issues since the end of last season when Oliver kidnapped Lyla, and Diggle has yet to move past it this season. Oliver continues to try and fix their broken relationship to no joy, but as the episode unfolds, the pair have to choose between working together or risking their lives. While the conflict between the two has been great to watch, it’s just as compelling to see Diggle let Oliver back in and see if he can trust him.

Felicity plays a role in that storyline, but her own inside Palmer Technologies continues to develop as well. Curtis Holt is working on that new technology that Felicity promised the board last week, and does so to varying degrees of success. He quickly becomes pretty suspicious of her which makes for a fun plot, while she also begins to receive some weird messages.

This week’s villain is a meta-human, nicknamed Double Down and played by JR Bourne. And his power? He can make playing cards from his tattoos and throw them like bullets. I’d forgive you if you’re apprehensive. He’s a better villain than he sounds, however, and his storyline ties in with Damien’s arc, which makes things better. Despite this, calling him a good villain would be too complimentary, and though he’s not all out terrible, Double Down is certainly not memorable in any way.

Damien continues to be a problem in Star City and I’m impressed with how well he keeps on being related to other storylines. I mentioned that he connects to Double Down, but he also connects in with Diggle’s storyline, in which he is attempting to make progress in his search for HIVE. Neal McDonough continues to do a fantastic job and his second scene of Restoration left me absolutely terrified of him.

Over in Nanda Parbat, Laurel attempts to convince Malcolm to use the Lazarus Pit on Sara, much to Nyssa’s frustration. While this goes on, Malcolm attempts to help Thea and in typical Malcolm fashion, his parenting skills leave much to be desired. If there was an award for worst father ever, he’d definitely be a strong contender. Aside from John Barrowman’s acting, which is excellent as always, this entire storyline is nothing but frustrating to watch. Logic has often taken a hit on this show, but this storyline takes it to a whole new level. The stupidity from virtually every character is second to none here, and it hinders the episode as a whole.

The flashbacks aren’t anything worth noting, with Oliver showing the army he’s joined a slightly different way of doing things. Granted, the first three episodes’ flashbacks have been better than last season’s dreadful ones, but this year they’ve just been dull. Whereas with the first two seasons, the flashbacks were compelling and I’d want to see them, this year I feel nothing for them. At least, unlike last year, I don’t want them to get off my screen as soon as possible, but they’re just taking up screentime that could be better served elsewhere.

Restoration feels like a nice middle ground between the premiere and last week’s episode, and for the show as a whole. It’s nowhere near the best episodes the show has done, but it’s certainly nowhere near one of the worst.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “Don’t sound so surprised.”
2. “I happen to have just the problem.”
3. “No need to thank me.”
4. “What gave me away?”
5. “Get on the ground.”

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Make sure to tune in and watch Restoration on Wednesday 28th October at 8pm on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for Cory’s review!


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