4×05: Haunted Preview and Teasers

John Constantine is coming to Arrow in this week’s episode, portrayed by Matt Ryan (who also played the character in last year’s short-lived Constantine show). As someone who hated that show, and wasn’t especially open to magic on Arrow, I fully expected to hate this episode. In fact, I really enjoyed Haunted. It didn’t quite live up to last week’s fantastic Beyond Redemption, but it was a really fun and enjoyable episode.

Ironically, much of that comes down to Ryan’s excellent performance. He brings an extreme level of fun to the role and injects a lot of that into an otherwise pretty dark episode – and season, actually. On top of that, his introduction into the episode seems natural, and the magic plot is handled surprisingly well. Sara’s escape, quite predictably, causes some problems for the city – namely, a blonde on a killing spree, and Constantine’s called in to help – well, once the team catch her. With Constantine, the episode does a good job of making a very extraordinary and ridiculous idea logically sound, which is an impressive feat in and of itself.

In the midst of the search for Sara, Quentin is asked to do a task for Damien, and is assisted by Diggle. They have a really good scene as Captain Lance reveals to John the details of his partnership with Darkh, and their team-up generally is yields some excellent results. Diggle learns some stuff about Andy that he may not like, and Damien delivers some superb lines as he continues to be the best villain the show has had.

Even the flashbacks this week are far more enjoyable. They’re still struggling somewhat for any direction, though we do get a hint at some potential movement there, but this week, the scenes are interesting, a quality that’s been lacking somewhat since the second season finale.

The one negative aspect of this episode is Laurel. Katie Cassidy has some bad scenes this week, but aside from the acting, the writing continues to be utterly lost. Very few of her actions make any sense, she’s hypocritical and it’s just very frustrating to watch.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “Her marble collection’s a little incomplete.”
2. “You’re sure this is the place?”
3. “Are you sticking around for a cupcake or something?”
4. “Do you trust me?”
5. “Yet another decision I might live to regret.”

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Make sure to tune in and watch Haunted on Wednesday 1th November at 8pm on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for Cory’s review!


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