First photo from 2015’s Arrow/The Flash crossover

In just a few weeks, we’ll be seeing Arrow and The Flash cross over for a second time (well, second major crossover. Characters from each show seemed to go from one show to the other on a relatively regular basis last year). And this year, their crossover will pave the way for a new series, titled Legends of Tomorrow (catch the trailer here).

Both instalments of this year’s crossover are titled Legends of Yesterday, and today, a photo emerged online from the crossover episode, and it’s a superhero team-up. We’ve got (left to right): Thea/Red Arrow, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash, John Diggle (give him a name, damn it), Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Marc Guggenheim shared the image on Twitter, so it’s safe to assume that the image is from the Arrow instalment (given that Guggenheim doesn’t work on The Flash).

Check out the image below!

2015 flash arrow crossover first photo


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