No new episode tonight (2nd December)

I mentioned this on Twitter last week, but realised (having seen a few searches on the site) that not everyone might have seen the news. For those of you tuning into Sky 1 tonight at 8pm and expecting to find a new episode of Arrow, you’ll be greeted with The Simpsons. That’s right, there’s no new episode tonight.

So why is this? Well, as noted when the UK premiere date was revealed, we are in fact less than a week behind the show’s airing in the U.S., meaning that when they take a break, we must also do so. Also noted in that post was the fact that we’d experience the Thanksgiving week break.

Last week was Thanksgiving, and so no new episode aired. This week in the U.S., both Arrow and The Flash are back on and airing their crossover episodes. However, as we’re a week behind, we’re seeing what the U.S. did last week – nothing, in terms of Arrow.

So there you have it. Next week, the show will be back as normal – well, somewhat as normal: the nature of the crossover means that you’ll have to watch The Flash as well as Arrow in order to not be confused by what’s going on. But tonight, no new episode. There’s always older episode you can rewatch if you’re missing the show that much this week.


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