Flash 2×08: Legends of Yesterday Preview and Teasers

What’s a preview for a Flash episode doing on an Arrow fansite you may be asking, well, it’s crossover time. For things to make sense, if you don’t know already, you need to watch both the Flash and Arrow this week.

It’s the younger sibling of CW superhero shows that kicks things off this year, probably owing to the fact it airs before the older, more serious child. Anyway, enough digressing, onto the episode! What can you expect from part one?

A fun, yet overstuffed episode. There’s too much going on. It’d probably take a few watches to get your head around it all. Furthermore, the Flash also seeks to move its own plot along in the episode which, if you’ve not been watching it, you’ll be left wondering what the hell is going on. So, I shall be helpful and endeavour to provide you with some context.

Bearded baddie Vandal Savage is in town, trying to hunt down Kendra Saunders —

*Helpful pause for background information, Kendra has arrived in Central City and most recently went on a date with the brilliant Cisco. Cisco has a certain power, he gets ‘vibes’ around people which I suppose are best described as ‘visions’. On that date, Cisco kissed her and vibed a bird person…

— Attempting to keep their friend safe, Team Flash seek help from Team Arrow in Star City. Damien pops up again. Having an absolute ball. Though, it’s a scene the episode doesn’t really need. Though, again, it’s Damien. Anyway, a key figure from Kendra’s past pops up complicating matters as they strive to hide her from Vandal. The episode, in a nutshell, is Teams Flash and Arrow trying to keep Kendra safe from Vandal, deal with this figure from her past whilst Cisco’s vibe may be rather important in the grand scheme of things…

It’s fun, as you’d expect from the Flash. But it does try to do too much. There’s another plot in which Harrison Wells is attempting to develop a serum to help Barry try and go faster —

* Helpful pause for background information #2, Zoom – the utterly badass big bad of the Flash this season – humiliated Barry a few episodes back, snapped his actual back and has made life rather difficult for Mr. Allen. In 2×07, Barry was left doubting his capabilities, his usefulness and so on – that whole superhero crisis of confidence these caped crusaders get – so Wells is trying to help him back. If, also, you remember Barry mentioning Harrison Wells last season in Arrow – it’s not that Harrison Wells, it’s a Harrison Wells from another universe. I know, right? It’s a whole other world over on that show…

— but, again, you’re left wondering if it was really necessary for next week. I can understand the Flash wanting to push its plot on, but it was another element into what you’ll find to be an already crowded episode.

Some teaser quotes:

1. “I just noticed, no sleeves. Don’t you get cold?”
2. “More bruises from her than from Deathstroke.”
3. “I think you’re just mad ’cause my conditioner game is on point.”
4. “You’re 0 for 206, and you still think you’re her best bet?”
5. “Since when did our lives suddenly become an Indiana Jones movie?”

Make sure to watch The Flash on Tuesday 8th December at 8pm on Sky 1 – Arrow’s episode this week won’t make sense unless you do!


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