Season 4 return date – what does this mean for UK viewers?

Sky 1 have, this week, confirmed the return date for Arrow’s fourth season. The show will be back on Wednesday 2nd March at the usual time of 8pm. Also worth noting is the return date for The Flash season two (Tuesday 1st March) and Legends of Tomorrow’s premiere date (Thursday 3rd March).

Now, you might be thinking that is a long time away. And it is. This is the latest the show has ever returned, and, for the first time, the season is now expected to end in June (by my estimate, the season finale will air on 1st June). The show returns in the United States this Wednesday 20th January.

As a result, we’re going to be five or six episodes behind the United States when the show resumes here in March. What that means is that the internet is going to be filled with all kinds of spoilers about episodes that haven’t aired here.

Now, you could avoid the internet for the next five months (because we’re going to be at least three episodes behind at every point in the remainder of the season), but that’s not really a feasible option. However, we can suggest being careful about which sites you visit, which social media accounts you follow and check. We here at ArrowFansUK will be posting information time-shifted from the US to ensure that nothing is spoiled ahead of an episode’s airing (i.e. if a piece of information is posted five days before an episode in the US, we’ll post that info five days before that episode’s UK airing).

This is really the only way we can think to keep everyone in the UK as spoiler-free as possible. If you live in the UK, ArrowFansUK will be your one-stop website for all things Arrow.


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