Alex Kingston is returning – could this mean…? [SPOILERS]

Alex Kingston, who plays Dinah Lance, is back on the set filming scenes for an upcoming episode. That would appear to be episode 19, based on Marc Guggenheim’s tweet as shown below. But what does this suggest about what’s to come? Also below is an image from Friday’s filming (26th February) that could also indicate more about Kingston’s scenes. Read on past the photos for a quick take from me on all of these.

When Paul Blackthorne shared a photo of him wearing a wig, presumably to shoot some flashback scenes, I had taken that as a death knell for Quentin. Based on all of these photos… I’m almost certain that our favourite Detective-turned-Captain will be biting the bullet very soon.

Dinah would definitely return for the death of her ex-husband/father of her two children, and it would seem appropriate that Quentin be buried next to Sara’s – now once again vacated (thanks, Legends of Tomorrow) – grave.

Guggenheim’s tweet doesn’t reveal the title for episode 19, but the word “Aftermath” looks like it could fit into that space, and it does have an “R” in the middle.

Of course, this is all complete speculation on my part. I could be way off track here. But I think that the end could be near for Quentin Lance.

What do you think? Let us know!


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