4×12: Unchained Preview and Teasers

One character returns in the present, another returns in the past, while Thea’s bloodlust rears its troublesome head once more in Unchained.

Roy Harper returns to Star City this week and the reasons for his return are actually well handled, it’s a little different to the norm and it’s a refreshing take on things. Furthermore, it’s nice to have Roy back though at the same time you’re left realising you don’t really miss him, nor will you be all that disappointed that he’s off again at the end of the episode. For these filler instalments we usually get around this point in the season though, bringing back a character such as Roy just adds a bit of extra life to what would otherwise be a villain of the week episode – so it’s a nice touch.

Roy’s return also allows him to tie things up with Thea, like progressing John and Andy’s struggles last week, bringing some closure to Roy and Thea is also a wise decision and well handled. Speaking of Thea, her bloodlust returns and it’s more dangerous than ever – to who? You may be a little surprised… There’s some strong decisions made in this storyline too, particularly with one character’s decision on what their fate should be, while it’s pleasing that this storyline hasn’t just been dumped and continues to crop up.

Elsewhere, Felicity deals with a nemesis who can rival her when it comes to tech – which is ground we’ve stepped over before with Brother Eye. Luckily though, the Calculator isn’t the worst hacking villain this show has had, Brother Eye still holds that title by a long way. Furthermore, it’s nice to give the team a new threat, rather than the same old, same old, leading to gratuitous action sequences.

Oliver also gets a rival in his race for Mayor. I wonder who that might be…

On the island, Oliver’s experiencing hallucinations this week which couldn’t be less subtle if they tried. Arrow’s never mastered the art of showing NOT telling, though the flashbacks beat you over the head with a hammer, hellbent on telling you everything rather than being a little more subtle and a little more effective in showing us Oliver’s mental state. Ho, hum, I suppose…

Some teaser quotes:
1. “I am the Demon’s Head. I have my resources.”
2. “Are you here to endorse me?”
3. “That’s what happens when the bad guys name themselves.”
4. “Man, I cannot believe you shot me.”
5. “I can’t let you owe Darkh a favour.”
6. “Ooh, good story. Write me a letter. From prison.”
7. “God, always have to make an entrance don’t you?”
8. “This is my choice. It’s my life.”
9. “Hey, you run like hell.”
10. “I thought about staying anyway. For you.”

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Make sure to tune in and watch Unchained on Wednesday 16th March at 8pm on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for Bradley’s review!


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