4×14: Code of Silence Preview and Teasers

James Bamford takes directing duties again in ‘Code of Silence’ as HIVE makes its move against Oliver and the team while Captain Lance travels down that familiar ‘Can I be with the girl storyline?’ that every man and his dog goes through in superhero stories…

Predictably, with Bamford at the helm, the action scenes are decent and the Demolition Team present a bit of a different threat which is always a nice touch. The Demolition Team are destroying buildings – the name really gave it away, huh? – and the scene of Oliver’s impending mayoral debate with Ruve Adams aka Darkh’s other half is their eventual target. One of their initial targets almost sees Captain Lance bite the bullet, which makes him question whether it’s safe for him to be with Donna, it’s an understandable turn of events but a little tedious if, like me, you struggle to see any benefit to exploring that relationship in deeper fashion.

Elsewhere, Thea and Oliver have a heart to heart about a certain uncashed cheque from a many years ago. Samantha plus Irresponsible Oliver – you get the picture. The brother-sister relationship has always been a strength for me, which should have come to the fore in a certain episode in season 3. However, it comes out here and the results are nice and well handled. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity are also preparing for an engagement party – with Donna’s help – and again, this is sort of thing will depend on whether you like Olicity or not. It was intended as a lighter element I know, but all the same it feels a little out of place from what else is unfolding.

The episode is alright, there’s good and bad – although, it also beats you over the head to near death with foregrounding which wears a little thin.

Also, on the island, something interesting actually happens. It’s probably been a little while coming too (the ‘something’ rather than something interesting happening on the island, the latter has been missing for quite some time).

Some teaser quotes:
1. “It’s like the big bad wolf huffed and puffed or something.”
2. “Yeah. The bad guys went a little crazy with the nail gun.”
3. “You’re lucky you’re with someone you don’t have to keep secrets from.”
4. “Sorry, nervous bladder, I think.”
5. “Is it possible to go blind from too many flashes? I literally can’t see a thing right now.”

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Tune in and watch Code of Silence on Wednesday 30th March at 8pm on Sky 1! Then, check back to the site after the episode for Bradley’s review!


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