4×16: Broken Hearts Preview and Teasers

Carrie Cutter aka Cupid returns, waging war on love while Damien Darkh is in court after his arrest.

If I tried to write this preview in a balanced, neutral way then it’d be about two sentences such would be the struggle to find positive things to say about it. Still, starting on the positives, Darkh’s time in court is reasonably interesting as Quentin puts himself at risk. It’s an interesting twist for Arrow to take this route, considering Malcolm, Slade and Ra’s have roamed free.

Perhaps if that had felt like the main strand of the episode, then it wouldn’t have been quite so difficult to sit through it all. Instead, the writers opted to pump more Olicity in our faces, often giving us the same scene between the pair in which they talk things out, not really going anywhere, just eating up seconds that could have been devoted to more interesting storylines. Cupid’s a villain who has potential to be pretty creepy, in this episode she’s a plot device and nothing more, paving the way for Olicity angst.

The flashbacks are the flashbacks. Does anyone really know what’s going on in them anymore?

I’m a man at the end of my tether writing this. It’s remarkable how a show I once enjoyed so much has fallen so flat, but by all means, hopefully you’re coming back to me and telling me I was wrong after you’ve seen the episode. To finish off, here’s some teaser quotes:

1. “Love is a bullet to the brain or an arrow to the heart.”
2. “Do none of your crime tech guys read gossip websites?”
3. “I was in love with the Arrow, but you’re not him, although I do like the sleeveless.”
4. “I made those decisions and I should pay the consequences for them.”
5. “That’s a damn good question.”

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Tune in and watch Broken Hearts on Wednesday 13th April at 8pm on Sky 1. Then, check back to the site after the episode for Bradley’s review and the podcast.


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