4×20: Genesis Preview and Teasers

The endgame begins at long last in ‘Genesis’ with the true nature of Darkh’s plan revealed whilst Oliver seeks a way to counteract Damien’s magic (despite having had a way a few episodes ago…)

This isn’t a great episode and if, like me, your patience has been wearing thin this season then this episode will do nothing to help your cause. It’s just difficult to care about the conflicts we’re handed due to the many, many flaws they’re drenched with. To start with, it’s difficult to immerse yourself in Oliver training himself to counteract Darkh’s magic – via a trip to Hub City, a casino, a questionable Constantine impression and Esrin Fortuna – when they’d destroyed Darkh’s idol and got him locked up. They had a way. They’d won. So forgive me if I just go ahead and roll my eyes while Oliver struggles to find a way to beat ‘the darkness’.

Indeed, wear a hard helmet as this episode will bash you over the head with repetitive mentions of light and dark, which I feel is a dilemma that got boring a long time ago. But nope, here we are again.

Furthermore, these training scenes struggle as Felicity is brought along for the ride and detracts from Oliver’s endeavours, while the scenes themselves are over so quickly, you’re just left wondering what was the point in the first place. They might have well called Vixen back to go all beast mode on Darkh’s idol again.

Diggle, meanwhile, is on the hunt for his troublesome sibling Andy. This is the strongest storyline of the episode, but again we had Andy disappear for a load of episodes, John suddenly trust him and Laurel end up six feet under. It’s difficult to care about a conflict which is stupid to begin with, it’s especially difficult to care when you’re of the persuasion that killing off Laurel was, and remains, an ridiculously stupid decision that has just allowed the writers to clog more angst in to an already soap operatic mess of a once decent show.

There’s also something that crops up for Thea that should be sinister, but really your first thought will be the Simpsons Movie.

Also, no flashbacks. Considering this is episode 20 and last week’s flashbacks were dedicated to Laurel, it’s impressive just how little story they’ve got for Lian Yu this season. Needless to say though, I’m pleased we didn’t bother going back there.

So, overall, I wasn’t a great fan. The writing, once sharp and compelling, has just become lazy and exasperating.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “You always sound so serious when you call me John.”
2. “The only reason why you’re still breathing is because one of us is still human.”
3. “Don’t do this. Every time you face a setback, you throw yourself a pity party.”
4. “Genesis is coming, John.”
5. “God wanted to give the world a do-over, so he destroyed it.”

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Tune in and watch Genesis on Wednesday 11th May at 8pm on Sky 1. Then, check back to the site after the episode for our review and the podcast.


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