Stephen Amell confirms that season 5 will feature the Bratva

Early in Arrow’s run, we discovered that in Oliver’s five years away from civilisation, he became a part of the Bratva, otherwise known as the Russian mafia. In the second season, we met Anatoli Knyazev, the leader of the Bratva, and since then, there has been plenty of speculation about when the flashbacks would head for Russia.

The final episodes of season 4 hinted that Oliver would be making his way there in season 5 to fulfil the promise he made to Taiana, and now, Stephen Amell has confirmed that season 5 will include the Bratva.

Speaking at Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend, Amell was asked on the topic, to which he simply responded: “Yes.”

Amell went on to talk about the upcoming season, saying that the show will be introducing another DC vigilante and saying that the season’s villain will be “a callback to Season One.”

Video of Amell’s comments are available below.


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