Season 4 Review Podcast

We’re about a month after the end of Arrow’s fourth season, and that means that it’s time for one final wrap-up podcast to dissect the season as a whole. Much like the majority of our weekly podcasts throughout the year, this isn’t especially positive. However, we think that it’s a fair assessment of these 23 episodes. If you disagree, let us know!

Same format as always, with some general thoughts on various plot arcs, followed by our usual award categories and ending with a brief look ahead to season five based on the limited news we had at the time of recording (which was Friday 1st July). The usual routes for communicating with us – Facebook, Twitter, email and the comments below – are open, so get in touch if you have any thoughts on anything we talk about in the podcast. A blank copy of the award categories is also listed below for those who wish to fill those out.

00:01:31 – 00:53:44 – Season 4 as a whole
00:54:07 – 01:45:53 – Awards
01:46:24 – 02:11:19 – Look ahead to season 5

Award categories:
Best villain
Worst villain
Best action sequence
Best present day scene
Flashback we disliked the least (formerly known as “best flashback”)
Worst scene
Best guest star/character
Best character
Worst character
Best episode
Worst episode

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