Dolph Lundgren Joins as Russian Big Bad; Flashbacks Ending with Season 5

Dolph Lundgren, of Rocky IV fame, will be joining Arrow in a recurring role for its fifth season as the big bad in the flashbacks to Oliver’s time in Russia.

“In our flashbacks, which are set in Russia this season, we are going to be bringing in Dolph Lundgren as a Big Bad,” showrunner Wendy Mericle told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills today. The announcement came during a joint panel with executive producers from The CW’s DC shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

Also at the panel was Marc Guggenheim, who promised that “This is the last year of the flashbacks,” and offered some insight into their content. “It’s going to involve Oliver’s introduction into the Bratva. He’s basically recruited into this criminal organization. In the present day, he has recruits of his own. He’s a trainee in the past and a trainer in the present.”

Other notable Arrow information to come from the panel includes a comment about how the show will go back to its roots in season five, and will explore Oliver as Mayor of Star City and as the Green Arrow.

Additionally, Guggenheim said that 50% of the directors this season will be “diverse,” while the producers noted that the four-show crossover between the CW-DC shows will be touched upon in Supergirl, but won’t really begin until The Flash and carries through into Arrow and then Legends of Tomorrow.

Finally, EP Andrew Kriesberg revealed that “One of the characters [on the four series] is going to be coming out,” while EP Greg Berlanti added that it would be a “significant character.”

Arrow returns to Sky 1 in October.


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