5×04: Penance Preview and Teasers

Arrow goes prison break as Oliver refuses to let Diggle atone for his sins in prison, while the new team face Church and his goons on their own.

There’s a lot going on this week, some of it good, some of it bad. Penance doesn’t really rise above what’s come before it, nor does it drop lower. It’s alright. That’s where we’re at with Arrow at the moment. It’s alright. There’s some bad and some good served up, so let’s get into previewing it…

The conflicts in this episode, on paper, are decent. It makes sense that there’d be resistance from Felicity, and eventually the team, over Oliver going to break Diggle out of prison. It makes sense that the new team would have to be sent into action without their esteemed leader with the threat presented to them. Felicity’s guilt over Havenrock continues with regards to Rory, which as we’ve discussed on the podcast has been a bit of a mess of a storyline since its inception, but at least they’re giving it some level of attention. There’s more mayoral stuff, obviously, with added gout…

Anyways, some of these storylines come with cost which is good. It’s not an episode which is all happy endings and farting rainbows, it sets things up ahead of next week which is a satisfying solution. Forward momentum and Arrow fit one another nicely.

There are some bad scenes, not least one with a helicopter – know your budget, Arrow. Know your budget. But Penance ticks off its storylines reasonably well, yet it still doesn’t pack the punch I’m looking for.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “I should probably just start prerecording apologies for being late.”
2. “Wow. The ever-expanding clubhouse.”
3. “All of the justice in this city comes from vigilantes.”
4. “Hey, John. What’s new?”
5. “Was he waiting for an entrance line?”

“Penance” airs on Wednesday, 16th November at 8pm on Sky 1.


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