Things we learned… 5×05: Human Target

With Wilddog in the clutches of Church, could the team rescue him? Who is the Human Target? Who used up all their warnings? Was Arrow 5×05 any good?

Ballsy? Or buffoonish? Time will tell. Arrow took the rather bold move to kill off Tobias Church this early. I think it’s clear that Prometheus was always going to be top dog eventually, however it’s interesting they’ve chosen to do this so soon. If this was a 13 episode season, then fine. It’d feel well timed. But 23? Considering Arrow’s license for god awful filler episodes the last few years, I kind of feel keeping Church around a little longer may have been beneficial. Chad Coleman was a juggernaut of a presence and played the role well, but the character himself isn’t really anything over than a fairly generic gangster. He never really had enough to carry the season but he’s served as a useful threat for these opening few episodes. However, now, it’s over to Prometheus…

Prometheus is intriguing. I’ve got to take my metaphorical hat off to Arrow. I’ve torn the show to shreds multiple times last few years, I regret absolutely none of it, but Prometheus is someone I’m genuinely interested in. I really like the look of the character, I like his presence and after Damien Darkh and Ra’s al Ghul proving lacklustre, it’s nice to have a villain follow through and also carry a personal threat towards Oliver. It’s a far more interesting approach than some big bad wanting to take over the city, or destroy the world or whatever – someone wanting the Green Arrow, wanting Oliver Queen? That’s far better. It’s a case of so far, so good, so don’t screw it up from here, Arrow. They’ve got the bones to a good character here, it’s time to build and add some meat.

From the sheer dull, to the borderline ridiculous The politics this week. The rezoning stuff was as compelling as, well, most of season 4. Oliver faking his own death, to take down Church (after he’d learned he was the Green Arrow), then returning? That was more than a little ridiculous. At least they’re doing things with it, I suppose, but I can’t say I’m the biggest fan. It just feels an odd thing to do early on in the season. A finale? Stretching it out over a few episodes? Yeah, that’s fine. But to do it, then resolve it in just one? It just felt a bit off and over the top for me.

Oliver and Susan Williams are inevitably going to be a thing, at some point. I do get the feeling that they’re steadily heading this way, and there’ll be some sort of drama – whether it be Olicity (speaking of this, they actually didn’t handle things too badly with the news of Billy reaching Oliver), political or media wise…

Christopher Chance was alright. John Constantine surprised me last season, and proved to be one of the few highlights of a dreadful season. Christopher Chance, well he wasn’t really around enough for me to decipher whether I’d like him back or not. The character slotted in well amongst the other members of the team. The fact he popped up in the flashbacks too may mean we see more of him at some point, but I’m indifferent at this point.

Diggle’s path is looking promising. It was good to have Diggle back about the team and I like his opinion that putting on his Spartan suit can be a path to redemption, as he told Rene. I think it feels a natural progression. It’s pleasing that Diggle hasn’t come back to sit around and sulk, he’s going to get out there and try and make a difference.


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